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Is God’s Word Really Powerful?

If you’ve never read Psalm 1, Psalm 19, and Psalm 119 (in order) you will notice something: God’s Word is powerful and it accomplishes a lot. Here is a little taste from Psalm 119 of what God’s Word does: God’s … Continue reading

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Marriage Video and Seminar

We had a great Marriage Seminar this past weekend! You can find the messages on our PodCast (type in “Sovereign Grace Church of the Lowcountry” in your iTunes). Here is the video that we showed on Sunday that presents a … Continue reading

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Holy Spirit?

If you are like me (Mike) you kind of knew some things about the Holy Spirit, but may not have studied the 3rd person of the Trinity with any depth.  Here are some good resources for you about the Holy … Continue reading

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Together for the Gospel

A great conference that took place in Louisville, KY last week is called “Together for the Gospel.”  Listen to all of the audio message, breakout sessions, and panel discussions from pastors and authors like John Piper, C.J. Mahaney, Matt Chandler, … Continue reading

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Gospel Fluency

Do you know how to speak Spanish or French?  There is obviously a difference in knowing some words from a different language and being fluent in that language.  Being fluent means you don’t have to translate words or phrases in … Continue reading

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Functional Centrality of the Gospel

On Saturday, Mike spoke about “Treasuring the Gospel” and referred to a message by Mike Bullmore called “The Functional Centrality of the Gospel.”  This is an excellent resource to hear and meditate on.

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The Holy Spirit…Are We Allowed to Talk About Him?

At our Small Group on Wednesday night someone mentioned that growing up in church, they did not hear much talk about the Holy Spirit.  Obviously, there have been many abuses when it comes to the gifts and power of the … Continue reading

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