Is God’s Word Really Powerful?

If you’ve never read Psalm 1, Psalm 19, and Psalm 119 (in order) you will notice something: God’s Word is powerful and it accomplishes a lot. Here is a little taste from Psalm 119 of what God’s Word does:

  • God’s Word guides my way, v.5
  • purifies my life, v.6-7
  • removes anything false in me, v.9
  • produces reverence for God, v.12-16
  • increases my courage, v.46
  • comforts me in afflictions, v.50
  • guards me from panic, v.61
  • teaches me discernment, v.66
  • cultivates patience, v.87
  • revives me spiritually, v.93
  • increases my understanding, v.98-99
  • creates a joyful heart, v.111
  • sustains me when I feel helpless, v.116
  • enables me to love what’s right and hate what’s wrong, v.128
  • causes me to walk in the truth, v.129-130
  • fills me with delight even in the midst of difficulty, v.143
  • teaches me to pray, v.149
  • rescues me when I’m defenseless, v.153-154
  • fills me with praise and with peace, v.164-165
  • and it brings me back when I go astray, v.176

[List take from Joe Lechner’s message “Why Sunday?“]

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