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Rachel’s Faith

Last week, we served Sangaree Middle School by helping bring in “Rachel’s Challenge,” an anti-bullying campaign.  On Sunday, Mike linked Rachel Scott’s life and death in the Columbine shooting, with her faith in Jesus. Advertisements

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Thankful for Hell?

Many of us do not thank God for hell.  We may not even think about the idea.  I know I (Mike) haven’t until the last year or so.  There has been a nagging feeling in me about the limits of … Continue reading

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What’s at Stake on Sunday Morning?

We often talk as a church that we do not gather on Sundays as “consumers” but we gather to worship God as a church family.  So, what is at stake on a Sunday morning? I (Mike) was freshly sobered by … Continue reading

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Is God’s Word Really Powerful?

If you’ve never read Psalm 1, Psalm 19, and Psalm 119 (in order) you will notice something: God’s Word is powerful and it accomplishes a lot. Here is a little taste from Psalm 119 of what God’s Word does: God’s … Continue reading

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